About us - Kirby's Network started back in early 1995 as Kirby's Korner. We were the one of 16,000 web sites on the Internet and the first dog site. We prided ourselves of being the first of it's kind to offer fun, entertainment and not focus on commercialism.

How the idea for KirbysNetwork.com came about was during one of our typical sunny-less early evening dog gatherings at Douglass Street park in San Francisco. One of our more more eccentric gals, Jane Willson mentioned she had a flyer mentioning a real concern about a pesticide being used as a preservative in dog food and that the flyer came from the Santa Clara S.P.C.A shelter down by San Jose.

The flyer mentioned that a chemical named Ethoxyquin was being used as a preservative in many pet foods. After looking into this claim a bit further it showed that it was not only an herbicide but the FDA required that all companies using this chemical have a M.S.D.S. sheet available and on file. In short, this is BAD!!

Since then the FDA had lessened the amount that could be used and with the pressure from the public most companies no longer use Exthoxyquin as a preservative.

Since then we have brought attention to other serious and important concerns such as Senate Bill 1197 (Dog and Cat Protection of 1999) and Senate Bill 1193 (To improve the safety of animals transported on aircraft and for other purposes). This billed passed and with the cooperation of the airlines today it's a much safer way for pets to travel.

Our strong support for adopting pets from the local SPCA, Humane Society and shelters then brought us to a new fight once again. We became involved in the fight against using and exploiting Dalmatians during the opening show of 102 Dalmatians.

Although our new focus is on pet adoption and education, we will always become involved when needed. We will stay vigilant against cruelty or the exploitation of animals. Our commitment is to keep our visitors informed and educated.

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