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This is my buddy Kirby Drake, born on October 27, 1992. Here's how Kirby became part of my life and how one Christmas I received a actual gift of the heart. Christmas was approaching and since I've spent so much time dog sitting a friends Labrador he thought it is time to have my own dog. Since I was partial to Labrador's off we went in search of a the great Yellow doggie. We searched north, south, east, and west, we searched the newspapers, and called the American Kennel Club in search of the "right" dog. I had no Idea how tough it would be to pick out a pup.

All hope of having that special dog looked like it was coming to an end and that a picture would have to suffice when information came on one more breeder. Once again we got in the car, and off we went over the Golden Gate Bridge and out to Drake's Beach (by Point Reyes) in Marin. The drive was long, narrow and winding in every direction. Part way there I started reliving a childhood phobia, motion (car) sickness, geez  I was thinking this  better be worth it!

Finally, there I was, at Drakes Beach; I made it; my stomach barely intact but yes I made it. I walked through the front door of the house and there he was. My doggie! Yep! I finally found my doggie. So happily we set off to return to San Francisco, I was one happy guy. It would finally come to pass that at Christmas time in 1992 I would receive a true gift of the heart that will last as long as Christmas itself, or at least as long as the national debt!

Kirby came from a line of only Yellow Labs. He is what is referred to as an "American Lab" or "Field Lab". In general, people love to tease my boy, they call him "Panty Waist", a "WUSS", a "Pacifist", only because he is non-radical and non-political. I just want to say in his defense; don't hate him because he's handsome and brilliant. Kirby is a 21st Century dog, He believes being a pacifist brings enlightenment and intelligence. Kirby believes in mankind only when he receives treat's, other than that, he thinks we're all going to hell (except for me of course) and ya know, he's probably right, we're all going to hell! You can tell Kirby is from Marin, he enjoys hot tubbing, natural foods and group therapy sessions.

ONE MORE NOTE: After writing and then reading this, I think I'm ready for that long awaited vacation. Perhaps a nice large slice of chocolate cake, or maybe some chocolate-covered cherries. Of course, a good long therapy session suggested by my friends may be warranted as well. I'll let you know how it works out.

Thanks for dropping by .....



Chelsea was born August 3, 1992 in Hilmar, California. Her (doggie) parents are Tony and Cricket, her great grandfather is the famous Wiston Cap owned by Jock Richardson of Scotland. Her favorite part of the day is visiting all her friends from Kirby's Korner. Chelsea's real achievement and claim to fame is her ability to control a soccer ball. She attracts all soccer players and wannabes, but is especially fond of playing with children and anyone with a quick foot. A favorite trick is to blitz the ball past a contender just before the kick is executed. Her goal is to star in the next World Cup.

When not chasing soccer balls, Chelsea has an unnerving propensity for getting her head stuck. As a puppy she got her head lodged between the stairway banisters of her hundred-year-old house and had to be sawed out. Just recently she was so intent upon retrieving a tennis ball that she thrust her head under the house, necessitating a long, laborious rescue that involved a circular saw screaming within inches of her face. The house and Chelsea bear witness to one another!

Nevertheless, she is much loved by her family: Craig, Janet and Tessa, who are interested in hearing from other Border Collie fans who appreciate the eccentricities and downright craziness of the breed.

Chelsea's watch-words: "Beware to many variables"



Brownie was born November 12, 1988. She is a Border Collie rescued from the SPCA. After coming home, Brownie immediately took over and cleaned the house. She enjoys all of Wellington's toys, especially when he is playing with them. Brownie is a busy body by nature and breed. She howls at the slightest of noises just to show you that she is on the ball. She also plays a fair game of chess and speaks fluent Cantonese.

Brownie's nicknames are "Pumpkin Puss" and "Sweet Petunia" and Unlike Wiston Caps' Chelsea, she does not get her head stuck in houses on a regular basis.In the park she prefers to go to the highest point and survey her domain. However, when terrified by loud noises in general, or by the "Blue Angels" in particular, she hides in the bathtub or under the kitchen stove. She is sensitive but demure, recalcitrant yet jejune. She is a credit to her breed.

Bordering on being highly judgmental, she makes sure all the other breeds "do the right thing."



Wally was born in Sacramento, California on December 22, 1989.

Labs in the park, a bark.



These two are probably the most famous of the bunch. You will see these kids' pictures everywhere. They have been on cards, posters, and everything else imaginable.They are a photographers dream. These two are the easiest going, the most pleasant, and the most loving little doggies. They would never let fame and fortune go to their heads. Their attitude is "we all poop in the same park and watch our masters clean it up afterwards, so we all feel equally important"



Aliases: Queen Isabella (Isabel's royal namesake), Izzy, and Belle. Born: (Circa) April 10, 1991. Her human parents are Jane and Marty. Here is the adventure of Isabel and how she became part of our family.


Captured while running wild through the streets of Watsonvill, California, Isabel was put behind bars in Santa Cruz by SPCA officials in August of 1991. At four months and eleven pounds, each rib was to be counted, with a neck so thin Isabel could have doubled for ET. Yet a sweet, timeless and soulful look sprang from her dark eyes--one that grabbed even the hearts of her captors.

EARLY DAYS: Called to serve Humanity

As days passed by in the doggie slammer and no heartsick owner from Watsonville came to claim her, Isabel was elected by SPCA officials for a prestigious volunteer position. Of all canines, she became the chosen dog to cheer up humanity. During her SPCA stay, Isabel's daily visits, accompanied by an SPCA official, to convalescent homes throughout Santa Cruz, brought warmth and joy to lives that needed it. But alas, after two weeks this dutiful phase of Isabel's life ended. It was time, declared her captors to put Isabel up for adoption.


On the first day Isabel was legally available for adoption, the SPCA was aflurry with patrons who wanted her. This was ironic, since Isabel herself would have nothing to do with any of us. She frequently snarled and barked at potential adopters who came near, running to the far back of her wire-meshed pen to avoid us. However, fate stepped in, and Isabel found herself traveling up the California coast, nestled in the lap of a human named Jane, in a car driven by another named Marty. The car parked at a residence in Noe Valley. The rest of the story (how a wild canine became domesticated) is history.




This is Otis, born July 21, 1996 - There is much to be said for this big but loving Rotweiler. Otis enjoys nothing more than to be around people and other dog's. His favorite food is anything solid, he mostly enjoys gnawing at the Stucco on the side of the house and swallowing it. Because Otis is a connoisseur of Stucco, Upon request Otis can advise anyone considering using Stucco which is the best mixtures and the right recipe.

Otis is from a champion line of Rotweiler's and came from a breeder in Novato, California. In search of his destiny Otis was brought to the Castro district in San Francisco when he was four months old . He has joined the ranks of Kirby's Friends by being Kirby's adoptive cousin. He looks up to Kirby and thinks the world of his buddy. He enjoys nothing more than taking off to Fort Funston, running up and down the sand dunes and making new friends.

During the week Otis goes to work with his human dad and learns what it's like to be a C.P.A. He gets to meet all sorts of people and they all get to meet him too. Otis has only had two mishaps at the office and both involved the hanging computer wires. You can imagine what happened next.

Otis is still young and has a long exciting life ahead of him. I urge you to come back and watch how Otis matures. In conclusion, please send all your unwanted and unused Stucco to Otis he would certainly appreciate it.









This Black Labrador was born on November 19, 1986. His AKC name is "Tug Boattu Wellington" he is son of Buckaroo VI and Spirit's Zolota. His godmother is Lisa's Marsh Spirit and he is Grandson of The 6 time National Field Champion Winner "BALL PARK FRANK." Not only was his grandpa a champion, his Grandpa's Dad was Field Champion Royal Oaks "SUPER SLEUTH" and his dad was Field Champion "SUPER CHIEF" - All were Black Labs.

Wellington is happy and sociable, he is the park greeter and ever vigilant in his search of food and handouts. His approach for begging is full proof. He uses those chestnut brown eyes and a face that could melt muffins. He has a heart as big as a poker table and a appetite to match. He is a credit to his breed and lineage. When it comes to Brownie he just puts up with her. However, he refuses to learn chess or speak one lick of Cantonese. Labs can be very stubborn, you know.


Quixotic look,
Rice on the nose,
overturned water bowl:
What more could a Lab want
in this world?










This is Butch, born August 17, Butch is a typical Labrador. He loves the ocean and being around people. retrieving any and all objects, up to recently, Butch was able to retrieve three tennis balls and hold all three in his mouth at one time. unfortunately, I could never get them out.

Puppy Years

Butch spent his childhood in Belmont, California. Most neighbors knew him because he always got out of the back yard. Nothing held this lil rascal in, he was the pup from hell! Of course Animal Control knew Butch real well too. He just loved to run around the neighborhood and visit all the neighbors. I think he would look forward to seeing his friends at Animal Control too. He has always loved being around people. Mr. Mischief should have been his name; he could find mischief anywhere. One time he was in the garage ripping the side molding off the car; another time he was in the back yard chewing the pool filter; another was, of all things the tires on the car. Yep, two flats! Yet another time he reached in a window and couldn't resist that long-flowing material yelling "I dare you!" so he did; curtains and the rod. Yep! that boy was one lil' spunky guy.

Middle Years

Butch then moved to Noe Valley in San Francisco. Here Butch became a little more spiritual and slightly more reserved. He was over the destructive stage as well as the "I need constant attention" stage. Now all he wanted was to be involved in social groups and afterward to lie down and contemplate his place in this vast universe of doggie wonders. He was content just riding around and waiting in the car for me to return, or going out to watch me play softball at the park. He was one well known and loved doggie, and he ate it up. He had the best of all worlds.


Now Butch resides in a old Victorian in the Castro district. He's settled down now and mostly hangs around the front walk, watching people go by, and continues reflecting on those past 12 wonderful years. Now, don't get me wrong; Butch is still very active and still enjoys his trips to Fort Funston, the ocean, the parks, and he still has time for social gatherings. He now just does it more gracefully. Of course going on any outings must included his buddy Kirby.