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Goldy & Emmy Otto Olie     1995  - 2018


Porter graced this world on January 12, 1996. Her full name is Sawyer's Imperial Stout Porter. She is currently attending Douglass Finishing School; she has completed course work at Noe Courts Youth Detention Center. Upon graduation she plans on dividing her time between her spacious, urban flat and her swimming and retrieving hobbies. She most admires her wonderful parents, Geoffrey and Christina, for their devotion and willingness to share part of the bed.



This is Freeway, A Golden Retriever born on December 19, 1994. Born in San Mateo from a long line of champ's he migrated to Twin Peaks in San Francisco, California where is now resides. Freeway is a energetic dog that loves to sport his happiness as often as he can. He has a strong natural instinct to retrieve anything and everything.

One time he noticed this pretty leaf just flying across the street taugting every instinct he had in fetching. He wanted to show off his natural ability to catch such a fast object and one of great colors that he dashed out in a main street and got hit by a postal truck. Thank the doggie God this was a fairly new slow and low electric postal truck with rubber bumpers. Because of the design the only bruise was to the leaf he still had in his mouth.

Freeway is acclaimed to be one of the smartest dog's. It took exactly three tries to teach him to shake and almost the same to sit. Although he learns quickly I am not one for being consistent. I enjoy his free spirit and allow him to do as he pleases. Freeway loves the constant nice cold and foggy weather in San Francisco and doesn't care much for the summer months even if they are not hot.



Luke is a SPCA wonder dog. He is the friendliest little guy in the world when it comes to people. However, he is picky about his friends and makes it known when he doesn't like another dog. This little guy is a possible mix of Boxer and Pitt Bull. But don't let that scare ya, he is innocent and very friendly. He loves people and enjoys licking anyone that will allow him to do so. He loves his owners David and Susan and welcomes the new baby human sister



Otto was born in San Francisco in January, 1990, and came from the Animal Shelter When he was 8 weeks old. He is a splendid mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Black Labrador Retriever. He is about 50 pounds and is fractally spotted in the black and gray with touches of white. He likes to run fast, play with his dog friends at the park, and chase hurled objects but not necessarily bring them back. He is independent but quite loyal, and he has a sense of humor.



Olie, an English Shephard, is well described in Harper's Illustrated Handbook of Dogs. He is affectionate, loyal and of fine herding breed - observe his preference for finding long-legged male dogs sometime! His name "OLIE" is Americanized from the Scandanavian "OLE" and we credit it conception to Elenore Kent. Olie is about 9 years old and was found far out on the avenues in the Sunset District. When he jumped out the car window at "Sloat" and the shore of the "Great Highway" some time ago, it must have been de'ja vue. Birds are favorites and his park friends unfortunately do not see his incredible jumping and ball catching talents (he has some closet habits). His proud Managers are Lee and Jack.


Goldy & Emma

The Singing Duet - Goldy the kitty was born on March 8, 1997 and Emmy the little spotted Dalmatian was born on July 14, 1999. Emmy was registered as Driftwood Emma of Royal Oaks and is one of the most special Dalmatian's you could ever meet. She is as loving as she is different and she is proud of her uniqueness. Emmy is especially proud of her one unique feature, a blue eye. Her magical one blue eye allows you to see deep into her loving and kind soul. 









Buddy lives in Guerneville with Rusty and her owner Rich. Each year they keep each other company as the floods confine them to their house. They feel the storms and the rains give them a chance to have quality time together. Usually it lasts for a few days so afterwards they are ready to get on with life until the next year.











Sam's real name is "Samuel Pee Dog." No, that's no mistake... it's not an initial. Sam was corralled by the San Francisco SPCA back in late 1985 after eluding capture for five months. The best estimate of his birthday is around Christmas 1982. Sam is 70 pounds, black, tan, Doberman/Shepherd mix. He's probably just about as loyal toward his owner as is doggedly possible.

Whenever a care-sitter tries to take him out for a walk, he'll fight to stay in the house and wait for his master's return rather then go out and meet his doggy friends. He's getting older now and his "weirdness" has really bloomed. When this happens to people, we say that they have Alzheimer's. For dessert, Sam prefers cottage cheese and insists that it be the Lucerne brand (He can really tell the difference and will reject Sunnyside and Knudsen). His only concern is that he be near the person that loves him best ...ME!