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Below are the most common types of allergies and each has its distinctive symptoms. As in people dogs can suffer similar symptoms from allergies. Also like people there are no cures just ways to possibly minimize the allergic reaction.

When your dog suffers from allergies keep the environment as clean as possible. Make sure the water and food bowls are clean and fresh water is placed during each feeding. Do not allow your dog bowls to collect mildew or mold!

Inhalant Allergy - Of all allergies your pet most likely has this very common allergy. Just as in people pollen, grass and dust are the most common allergy. The signs typically are if your dog scratches its face by rubbing it against the floor, rug, couch or bed. Typically it includes a runny nose and licks at its paws until the hair is rubbed off. A poor diet or a less quality dog food Does not cause this allergy but can indeed effect inhalant allergies.

Food Allergy - Food allergy is very UNCOMMON. Typically you will see the effects in the hind quarters of the animal. If you suspect your pet has a food allergy use a lamb and rice mixture because it is less allergenic than beef and chicken. There are other foods available that are for the very hypersensitive dogs.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis - Many dogs are allergic to the saliva in flea bites and break out in a rash. Itching occurs even after fleas have been eliminated. You will see signs of itching over the base of the tail.

- As always consult with your veterinarian -

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