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The Arthritis Section

As in a person arthritis can effect one or more joints and cause severe stiffness.

It tends to occur in the larger breeds but can effect any dog in its older years. The signs are  stiffness and lameness in one or more limbs. There are drugs available today that respond favorably so see you veterinarian if you notice your older dog is experiencing stiffness especially in the mornings. Also like people, dampness and cold can aggravate the arthritis. Keep your pet from sleeping on a cold floor by providing your pet with a bed that has at least 1 inch of padding and place it in a sheltered and warm area.  Also note, when a dog is feeling pain he will lick the inflamed area.

Suggestion: Many dogs get what is called repetitive injury which occurs from many years of straining the same joint. A way of preventing this is don't allow your dog to jump or "drive" for balls on hard ground. Just as we suffer from years of excessive running and jumping on hard surfaces so can your dog... please be careful.

Treatment for Arthritis

There are many great arthritis medications on the market today for pets. Depending on the type of the arthritis and severity the vet will determine the course of treatment. Normally your vet will suggest a non steroid arthritic medication which has little or no side effects. These non steroid medications are normally successful but can stop working after a couples of years or so. These non steroid medications can work better than aspirin.   

Dogs digestive systems are different then peoples and buffered aspirins may not be effective and non buffered can cause bleeding so NEVER give your dog any type of aspirin without the approval of your vet first.

 Always see your veterinarian for information and diagnosis.

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