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Ear Care
To avoid ear problems and infections dry your dogs areas thoroughly after bathing or a good swim. Dampness in the ears cause most ear infections so you want to keep them dry. 

When cleaning or drying your dogs ears DO NOT use cotton swabs (the dog may suddenly move) or  Alcohol (unless it's diluted) to clean your dogs ears. Use only a product intended for the purpose of cleaning ears. Products for ear cleaning can be easily purchased from your neighborhood pet store or from your vet.

To clean a dirty ear, moisten a very thin cloth and wrap it around your finger insert your finger into the ear canal as far as your finger will comfortably go without digging into the ear canal. GENTLY massage and clean the area working your way around and out.

Note: You do not need to get all the way into the ear canal to get your dogs ears clean. If your dog needs a deep cleaning (in the ear canal) then use a ear rinse sold at either a pet store or your vet. 

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