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Drugs and Medications

Normal temperature for a dog is generally 100 to 102.5 degrees F

Giving your dog a  pill

Assuming your dog is just too smart and rejects it hidden in food. 

Open your dog's mouth and insert the pill as far back on the tongue as possible. Quickly close the mouth and hold it closed for a just a bit and the dog will naturally swallow. If the dog spits it out that means you didn't put it back far enough or maybe you didn't close the mouth quickly enough. You can always put it in your dogs favorite treat such as cheese or bread.

Administering Liquid medication

Tilt the chin of the dog up a bit to allow the fluid to flow backwards. Place the "liquid" medication between the molar teeth and and the cheek. Hold the mouth closed until you see the dog swallow.

About Steroids and Cortisone

As in people, cortisone and other steroids have a anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the effects of infection but DOES NOT treat the infection. However, they can help in relieving pain and irritation associated with inflammation. Typically a antibiotic is given with a steroid treatment.

Take note: steroids can mask the signs of infection and make the animal seem like its getting better when in fact it may not be so. Another very important note about steroids, they also effect the immune system so always check with your veterinarian and follow the instructions carefully.

Always read the warning labels, watch for side effects and never give your pet people prescriptions.

Example - Pepcid AC and Prilosec are good for preventing acid in dogs because the active ingredient is Omeprazole. Any other acid reducer is not recommend.

Always check with your veterinarian!

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