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These worms live in the small intestine attaching itself to the wall of the gut. Dogs can get this by eating uncooked meat or eating raw fish. Most commonly dogs get worms via the flea. This common tapeworm via a flea is very noticeable in the dogs feces because it looks like white rice in the stool. If you look closely they will move!


Heartworm is a serious and dangerous disease and can be totally prevented by giving your pet Heartworm pills each month. They are named Heartworm  because adult worms live in the heart and is spread by the everyday mosquito.

The process is as follows;

The mosquito bites into the skin of a dog and the larvae is deposited into the dogs skin. The larvae slowly borrows through the skin while growing into adulthood. As an adult it makes its way to the heart via a vein and breeds once arriving in the heart. One female can lay thousands of eggs and so it goes to say this can be a serious and dangerous condition.  

The dangers of Heartworms 

  • Heartworms can cause clotting of the arteries.
  • Heartworms in time can causes right-sided heart failure.
  • Dead  worms are carried to the lungs via the bloodstream and can cause lung and heart failure.

Never start your dog on Heartworm medication prior to having a blood test by your vet. Your dog MUST be free of Heartworm prior to starting the dog on Heartworm medication.

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