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Over 270,000 dogs are killed every year just in California alone. That's close to 750 dogs each and every day! Many of these dogs are given up because they are perceived as having behavior problems. Imagine, all it would have taken to save many of these dogs was to start off on the right foot. First, by making an adult decision on whether or not to get a pet and secondly, accepting full responsibility and training the pet. 

Behavioral problems is nothing more than a lack of training, lack of socialization, and/or just not understanding dog behavior. Remember, No animal is born disciplined and trained.

Being part of the solution is actually easy.  Self-awareness and educating others is a great start. When a friend or family member is deciding on a pet always suggest adopting a pound puppy or getting one from a rescue center . ALWAYS spay or neuter your pet! Don't let your ego get in the way of your responsibility.

It is said that 38% of all dogs bought are given to the pound because the family or child THOUGHT they could take care of a dog but realized they could not deal with it - Please be responsible when considering owning a pet -

Best to you,

Kirby Drake

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